Elibian Nights is a fan-made "sequel" to Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword (released as just "Fire Emblem" in the United States and Europe). The game follows the stories of Blazing Sword's cast between the end of Blazing Sword and the beginning of its Japan-only sequel, Sword of Seals.

The game is centered around "tales," which are like your standard Fire Emblem chapter. The main difference, however, is that each tale is completely independent. The cast of the first tale will not carry over into the second, and the stories, while some do link together (for example, Tales 1, 2, and 3 provide the backdrop for Tale 5's events), the plots are independent of one-another.

After a tale is completed, the player will be transported to the "Tale Select" screen. At this hub, you can select the next tale you wish to play, choose to replay any of the tales you've completed, and view your Achievements. If you're familiar with the XBOX360, you'll recognize the concept of "Achievements."

It essentially functions exactly the same, you unlock achievements by doing strange or difficult tasks within the game's tales. Some achievements are exclusive to tales, while other tasks span across multiple stories. The game features a total of 20 Achievements to collect!

The classic Fire Emblem elements are all intact. You have your allies, and use each unit to combat your foes. Each unit has a personality and a story which contributes their unique characteristics to the overall tale. Although unit deaths are not permanent (if a unit dies in a tale, when you replay that tale the character will return), the tactical choices you make have an effect on the outcome of the stories.

All of Blazing Sword's playable cast (and some of its non-playable cast, like Natalie, pictured to the side) make an appearance in the game, alongside younger versions of their some of their Sword of Seals companions, bringing the total playable cast to 60 characters throughout all the tales.

The game features a total of 13 scenarios (12 in the upcoming v4 release, 8 in the v3 release). I hope you enjoy the tales!