The Staff

Meet the men (and woman) behind the making of Elibian Nights.

Arch - The Director
"General Archibald" is the project's director. He writes scenarios, manages the project, and handles most of the game's construction (hacking, events, etc.).

The Blind Archer/Dei - Co-Director
Dei is the project's main graphics artist. In addition to providing most of the game's graphics, Dei is the only person besides Arch who writes scenarios. He also manages the other contributions, ensuring that whatever he does not make is made by another capable graphics artist.

shadowofchaos - "Helper Monkey"
shadowofchaos/Rei is the main assistant to Arch. He assists with whatever hacking tasks Arch either cannot perform, or needs to outsource for efficiency's sake.

Dancer_A - Mapper and Assistant
Dancer_A is one of the project's two main mappers, going with that title, he has contributed maps for the project's chapters. In addition to his duties, crafting and updating maps, Dancer_A also assists Arch with minor hacking tasks, like battle palettes.

Feaw - Mapper and Beta-Tester
Feaw is the second of Elibian Nights' two major map designers. Feaw has donated his excellent talents as a map-maker to the project, crafting and updating maps. In addition to this, Feaw is also the project's main beta-tester.

Outside of the "main" staff, Elibian Nights has a group of dedicated contributors.

Lord Glenn - Icon Artist, Mapper
LordGlenn is one of the project's major graphical contributors, having made about 95% of all the item icons in the hack. He's also used his mapping abilities for the game's final chapter.

Aeorys Kirru - Graphics Contributor
Aeorys recently joined the project as a main contributor, lending her superb graphical talents for the creation of mugs for new Elibian Nights characters.

seph1212 - Graphical Contributor, Beta-Tester
seph1212, known also as Trent, is another recent addition to the contributor list. Although Trent was part of the beta-testing team loosely assembled for version 3's release, he recently began donating his own graphical talents to the production of Elibian Nights.

Superluigi - Hacking Contributor, Mapper, Icon Artist
Superluigi, the man behind the Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals remake, has been a contributor to Elibian Nights as well. In addition to collaboration between Arch and Superluigi for details on Elibian canon, Superluigi has donated his mapping and hacking talents to lend a helping hand. He has also contributed weapon icon graphics that are used in his Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals remake.

Mage Knight 404 - Graphical Artist
Mage Knight 404 has also lent his graphical talents to the project for a few items. The amazing Halberdier animation, as well as the Halberdier generic icon, were crafted by his hand. In addition to that major contribution, MK404 has contributed in other ways (such as a new mugshot for Rebecca), as well as assisting in beta-testing.