Saturday, April 16, 2011


I recently sparked some speculation that young Percival would be appearing in Elibian Night with this:
In reality though, it's just a bad splice I made years ago (back when I tried to sprite).

So yeah, sorry guys, but no Percival appearances in Elibian Nights. The screenshot is from Tale 7, which takes place in Ilia. It makes no sense for Percival to appear in Ilia looking no significantly younger than FE6, while Zealot is significantly younger as the main character of the same tale. However, there is a hidden Percival reference in Tale 4 pt. 2.

How does that relate to Percival at all? Well, Pellinore is implied to be Percival's father. The mythological Percival, one of the Knights of the Round Table, was one of King Pellinore of Listenoise's illegitimate sons (five of whom joined the order). Etrurian Percival's father shares the name Pellinore with Percival's father from Arthurian mythology. Therefore, Percival's father was the Great General before Douglas, whom Percival succeeds at the end of FE6. A bit of mythological referencing to add some depth to one off-handed comment.


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  2. Aww! No Percy then?
    But well, it makes sense really. Because since this is about 15 years before FE6 (judging by the fact that Ninian just got pregnant), Percy would at most be about...11? 12? haha so yeah....but a kid Percy would have been awesome~