Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Announcing FE4AR!

Time to check in on how things are going in Grannvale.

Okay, so what is FE4AR? For those of you not in the loop (or just don't remember), my first major project was FE4A, which ended in an April Fools' release prank. You can see all of the mock screenshots here. I've also released (recently lost and recovered) the project's event source. And of course we've got a wonderful collection of mugshots designed for the project. But with the recent reveal of the FEIV project on Serenes forums, I realized that I've never actually constructed a "final build" of my old project. Hence the FE4ARevival. Okay, so revival isn't perhaps the right word. I'm not going to finish the game; this new guy's hack is poised to blow my old junk out of the water anyways. Maybe he'll play mine and steal a few ideas though; a man can only dream. Instead, I'm just planning on piecing together everything that I have and going over it with one last coat of paint. The patch will go up to Chapter 6, which corresponds to the end of Chapter 2 in the original FE4. 

Many thanks to Duchess of Freege, who fortunately had saved the FE4A event source. You're my hero, and I wouldn't have been able to start this little nostalgia project without that help. A thousands thanks.

So currently I've added The Blind Archer's armor animations. The knights have been split into just two classes: the Phalanx (Axe/Sword) and the Sentry (Lance/Bow). They promote to Generals that use all four weapons. The map sprites come from Agro, who's also planning to import some FE4 songs for this little project. Finally we've got the Horseman animation from eCut, a more typical medieval version of the Nomad class. Many thanks to everyone for their contributions. The final patch is still going to be glitchy and incomplete, but with the help of others, I can work to make the project the best it can be. Maybe that new kid will take pity on me and lend me the working Str/Mag split? ...I doubt it. If anyone's got ideas, contributions or feedback, I'm always open to it. This is just the first bit of work, there's quite a lot to go (it was a rough project; lil' 2008 Archibald was still a tenderfoot).

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