Saturday, February 11, 2012

Who the hell is Sykes?

Sykes, Sykes Sykes. Who the hell is Sykes? An Ilian mercenary under the employ of the corrupt Commander Tybalt. A patriotic man who feels strongly attached to his country, a man who seeks to repay for his crimes against his fellow Ilians. He switches sides and joins Zealot's army for salvation in Elibian Nights. It looks like I just invented another character, right? Well, you'd be wrong for assuming so! Turns out, Sykes is already in the Elibian canon.

There he is! Right there!
So yes, essentially I just pulled a Christopher Nolan; "inventing" a new character who is really just an incredibly obscure reference to something already in the canon. Or, possibly, Christopher Nolan pulled an Arch, depending on what was drafted first, Tale 7 or The Dark Knight Rises. In the original translation, the name was spelled Sieks (obviously we changed the letters to be more aesthetically pleasing and corrected the screenshot), but, yeah, we seriously pulled a character from an obscure line of an obscure FE6 support.

Now that leaves the question: who the hell is Grant?

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