Sunday, October 30, 2011

Version 4.0ish Released

In light of the recent major changes this hack has undergone, I saw fit to release one last beta of the v4 release. After this patch, a lot of things will be radically altered. v4.0ish is the hack in it's current state, before the changes begin. I didn't get a chance to fix 100% of the reported glitches from before, but all of the critical ones should be gone. Please report any bugs you find (hopefully there are far fewer than the last release) on the Serenes Forest topic. This is the closest thing to a full v4 release you're going to get. I'll fix any critical bugs, and minor ones will be fixed at my leisure (which could mean they don't get fixed until the next full release, I am in college after all and don't have much time for leisurely hacking). There will be no official full release of version 4, instead the next complete patch will be "Elibian Nights v5."

You can get "v4.0ish" on the Downloads page.