Sunday, March 18, 2012

Onward, to Hector's Tale!

These are the kinds of numbers that Hector likes.
Progress report update: Tale 2x is officially completed, tested, and bug-free. I'm waiting on a new map for Tale 2, after which I'll be making some improvements there, but, for now, I'm moving onward to Hector's tale!

So, keeping with that, I figured now would be a good time for a bit of Elibian Nights trivia. Hector's tale underwent a rather unusual development cycle. It started with Hector leaving his post for some breathing room, in his absence Dawson's armies seized Ostia. Hector, Orun, and Matthew, stranded by themselves near a lake, had to fight their way to Ostia, picking up allies (Oswin, Serra, the NPC Ostian Knights, Erik, and Fargus) along the way. However, when it came time for revisions, I found the whole "your castle was seized while you left for 20 minutes" thing to be rather ridiculous, so I decided to basically invert the entire chapter.

"The director told me to come find you,
he's changing everything again!"

Dawson and Hector's starting positions were literally just switched, and the chapter was reworked around that swap. Not only that, but the starting parties were also inverted. In the original version, you started with Matthew and Orun, picking up Serra and Oswin later. Now, as players know, you start with Oswin, Serra, and the NPC knights, with Orun and Matthew coming in as reinforcements after a few turns.

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