Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wait, wait, wait! Hector had a half-brother?

Mentioned briefly in a chapter of FE6.
Yeah, he did. Lord Orun, the Marquess of Thria, was the focus of Chapter 6 in FE6. On Roy's path to Ostia, he decided to stop by Thria, trusting that Orun would aid him in his quest. Roy arrives, however, to find Wagner, the trusted adviser of Lord Orun, claiming that the Marquess is ill and cannot see Roy. The chapter evolves into a plot by Wagner, who usurped Lord Orun by killing him in his sleep, to capture Roy and earn the favor of Bern.

Of course Wagner had to get Orun in his sleep,
otherwise Orun would have snapped the man
in two...

Chalk this one up to another canonical character pulled into the universe from near-utter obscurity. Like Sykes (or  rather, Sykes, like Orun), Orun went from being an obscure character referenced in the script to one of the major cast additions of Elibian Nights.

While developing Hector's Tale, the idea came about as such things often do, the need to enlarge the cast. Since Elibian Nights divides the FE7 cast into groups, giving each group its own spotlight through different tales, it's hard to have parties large enough to satisfy gameplay demands. Because I wanted to avoid overlap between tales, Kent, leading Caelin's forces to Hector's aid, was an idea floated, but became something of a "last ditch" option. It was a good opportunity to develop another character, a new addition to the cast.
Scanning my memory of the Elibian games, I tried to find someone I could put into the tale that would work? Leygance? Eh. It was an option, at least. That's when Dei, who was discussing this with me as I scoured my mind for someone to add, asked the seemingly obvious question, "what about Hector's half-brother?" All the sudden it just clicked. I started writing ideas for the character, and Dei started designing his mugshot.

Orun, technically existing in the Elibian canon, was the clear candidate for a party that consisted of Hector, Oswin, Matthew, and Serra. Having no pre-defined anything, Orun was like a lump of clay, and could be sculpted to fit the needs of the plot and the party. He wound up becoming a Great Knight, keeping with his family's tendency to sport heavy armor. An estranged half-brother, Orun, hearing Ostia's call for help from Matthew, rushed to his brother's aid, feeling a sense of duty to help his kin defend his throne, regretful of their having grown apart. It certainly added an interesting new presence to the tale, and I hope you've all enjoyed Orun's inclusion!

To celebrate the feature on Orun, I've included a sneak peak of a piece of bonus content included within the game. This scene, an edited version of a scene from the original Hector's Tale (which, as I mentioned in the last post, underwent heavy revisions), displays an emerging relationship between Hector and Orun, which, I'm certain, later evolves into a strong bond as Orun stands by Hector's side, helping him grow into a great leader for Lycia.

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