Thursday, May 17, 2012

Solicitor Alert!

This is something I hoped I'd never have to do, since I find the practice to be rather annoying. However, reality says I have to earn money in whatever way I can, since I'm poor as dirt with bills to pay.

So, I've been forced to solicit your monitors with a donations button. I've been working hard on Elibian Nights for about a year and a half now, putting my best effort into the project to produce a top-notch game for everybody to enjoy (free of charge). It's taken countless hours, it's been a labor of love for the fans. I hope you all enjoy Elibian Nights; and hey, if you really enjoy the game, perhaps you could spare a small donation? This poor college student would sure appreciate it! If not, I totally understand. I have when people solicit me for donations too.

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