Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Elibian Nights II: The April Fool's Joke That Almost Was (But Never Would've Happened)

Remember last year's April Fools FE4 Advance shenanigans? The barrage of seemingly legit screenshots, the video of the first generation's ending, recreated on glorious GBAFE, all ending with the announcement of the project's death? Well, as this year's April 1st drew near, I started thinking of a potential follow-up. Couldn't be another fake release, especially because Elibian Nights is a game that will be actually finished. So, I pondered it a bit, and I figured that a gag hack announcement would do just fine. Might be funny, but the average person would definitely see through the ruse, especially since I did something similar last year. But, whatever. I figured I'd go with it anyways, I'd announce the thing I said that I'd never announce; "Elibian Nights II."

A while back, when I still worked with Nayr, he drafted a proposal for "Elibian Nights II," which would feature tales based on the cast of FE6, taking place after the events of said game. Basically, the exact same game, set 20 years later. I definitely was not a fan. I've been pretty stalwart in my disdain for such a project ever occurring. Elibian Nights is a black sheep; when you have a herd of black sheep, they become the norm. There had already been mimics trying to start a "Tellian Nights" and a "Magvellian Nights," and an "Elibian Nights II" would be something I'd never create. Nevertheless, Nayr's document would do well as a base for the mock version of the "project that'll never happen."

Finishing one simple text screenshot was
about as far as I got.
What happened to the prank? Well, as you can see, I got approximately one mock screenshot done on a whim: the opening of Marcus's Tale. Then, I pretty much forgot about the prank, leaving the idea to wither as April 1st, 2012 grew nearer and nearer. April Fools' came, and I had no decent showing. It was a sad realization, having nothing to follow up last year's epic prank.

Still, I did draw up a design document for "Elibian Nights: Volume II." I figured that might be something interesting to share on the blog for "Elibian Nights: The Only Volume." Read up, guys!

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